Please note:

In response to increases in COVID-19 cases, California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) is implementing COVID-19 testing of all unvaccinated state employees working on site as an additional health and safety standard to protect the state workforce and the public it serves. Any employee seeking exemption from COVID-19 testing or wearing a face covering must provide evidence of vaccination.

Eligible List Details

Eligible List Details
RankNumber of ApplicantsScore
1 45VET
1 966095.00
2 88985.00
3 13875.00
Where Am I?

Find your score in the right hand column, then look at the rank number in the left hand column for that row. This is your rank number. The number of applicants in the middle column includes you and all the other applicants who achieved the same score.

If you have been granted Veteran's Preference, you will be in the rank where the score column indicates "VET".

The list date is the date that the eligible list became effective. It is not necessarily the date you became effective on the list. Your individual effective date is shown on your eligibility record page.